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Lencodrive Specifications
  • 400Turbo, C-6 or 1.25 Input Shaft
  • 32 Lenco Spline Output Shaft
  • CS2 Lenco Gears
  • 32/35 Spline Internal "Big" Shafts
  • Safety Sprage System Available
  • Lenco Levers or Air Pod Shifting
  • Transbrake Clutch Pack
  • 2 or 3 Speeds Avaiable
  • Proven at 3500+ Horse
2 Speed Lencodrive 3 Speed Lencodrive
  • Gear Sets: Min 1.25 to Max 1.73
  • 26.5" Long with 3" Output
  • Gear Sets: Min 1.56 to Max 2.99
  • 32" Long with 3" Output
The Lencodrive Racing Transmission is a converter drive transmission based off the Lenco CS2 Transmission. For more than 10 years, Snyder Motorsports and Lenco have worked to make this the best converter drive on the market. Based on the numbers, the Lencodrive is at the top of the pack. Featuring the same ¾” CS2 gear sets found in the quickest and fastest NHRA Alcohol Dragsters, Lencodrive is built to handle the horsepower. The Lencodrive is also the most compact unit, with a gear set incorporated into the converter drive section. Lencodrive is designed to be a converter driven transmission, not a converter drive unit with a bolt on transmission. The trans brake also sets the Lencodrive apart; it is held, not by a band, but rather by a clutch pack. It also has a safety sprag option, which causes the transmission to automatically free wheel when not under power. The Lencodrive can be shifted by air pressure or pulling levers. Turbo 400, C-6, and 1.25” input shafts are available. Since 2000, Lencodrive has been tested in the Snyder Motorsports’ IHRA Pro Outlaw Dragster, NHRA Top Alcohol Dragster, NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car and ADRL Pro Extreme Corvette. Like most great innovations, Lencodrive is constantly being scrutinized and improved.
Lencodrive Options
Input Shafts
Mega 1.25" Input Shaft
C6 Input Shaft
Turbo 400 Input Shaft
N50 Sprag (Clips & Strips) - Standard
Form Sprag (Helicopter)

3/4" CS2 Gear Sets

2 Speed: Min 1.25 to Max 1.73
3 Speed: Min 1.56 to Max 2.99

Bolt Upgrade

Titanium Lencodrive Bolt Kits

Looking to loose some weight off your Lencodrive or Lenco. We have the ansewer- Ti Bolt Kits. Save up to 3 lbs.

2speed Lencodrive 79 Bolts
3speed Lencodrive 94 Bolts

Pan Upgrade

Lencodrive Billet Aluminum Pan

1.2 lbs. Lighter
Higher Fluid Capacity

Lencodrive Addions:

Bohr Racing Products
Titanium or Aluminum Bell Housing

These titanium or aluminum bells are guaranteed to be precise and on the mark!!

- 7.200 Depth
- Scalaped and Lightened to Minimums
- Removable Inspection Cover
- Starter Pockets Available
- SFI 6.2 or 6.3 Available

Snyder Reverser Shifter
for Lenco with Neutral Safety

Shifter, Cable, and 2 or 3 Speed Brackets

Lenco Reverser Shifter
with Neutral Safety

Trans Brake Shifter Knob

Direct Replacement for the current Shift Knob on Lenco Reverser Shifter. Use the Button as a Trans Brake, 'Shift' or Line Lock.

Trans Brake Button

Originally Made for Jet Fighters. This Button is Consistent, Reliable, Fast and Not Too Touchy.

Lencodrive 4.1 SFI Ballistic Blanket

Made especially for the Lencodrive,
so it’s easy to install and fits tight.

Choices Include:
Nylon or Kevlar - 2 or 3 speeds

Trans Overflow Tank
Lencodrive Accessories:

SMS Trans Fluid Cooler

- 110 Electric Pump
- Uses a Radiator and Ice, so your trans
_ fluid can get below the outside temp
- Quick disconnect fitting for out and
_ return
- Quality Fittings and Hoses
- 10ft Connections from Cooler to Trans

Dual Regulator Air Bottle Kit

Includes: Bottle, Braket, Dual Regulator, Guage, Adaptors, and Air Fittings

The Dual Regulator - BC65

1- 1/8" Pipe In, 2- 1/8" Pipe Out
Pick Your Pressures 100 Min-250 Max
Weight: 5 Ounces

CO2 Air Bottle Adapter

This Fitting Adapts Your Old CO2 Bottle to Our Dual Regulator System.

Steel Construction
CO2 Bottle Thread to -4AN

SMS 2 or 3 Speed Shift Kit

It's Back!! Back by popular demand, the Snyder Shift Kits are here again. Make your Lenco Shift itself. Laptop programmable box. Includes box, solenoid(s), air fittings and lights. Just add a solenoids for 4 and 5 speeds.

Shift Solenoid

Perfect for the Lencodrive or any Lenco. Good at 250 psi. This solenoid has the flow to make your clutches last.

Air Shift Button

For the driver that wants to shift the car manually, but wants the advantages of air shifting.

Lenco Shift Lever Scale

Can't Find a Good. We have it.



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